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Thomas Creek Improvements - Phase I


The Thomas Creek watershed in Douglas and Washington Counties is becoming increasingly urbanized. As with most urbanized areas, an increase in impervious surfaces and modifications to the stream have led to an increase in runoff volume and velocities. These changes have destabilized the stream and introduced greater amounts of pollution. As a result, critical infrastructure has been threatened, and habitat and water quality have degraded.

Phase I of the Thomas Creek Improvements Project is part of a larger, multi-phased plan that aims to provide multiple, long-term benefits to the stream system. This phase extends approximately 1,400 feet upstream of the Ida Street Bridge near Irvington Road and 600 feet downstream of the bridge. Approximately 400 feet of an unnamed tributary is also included in this phase.

Improvements planned for the Phase I project include the following:

  • Introduction of natural meanders and floodplain benching to improve stream functionality
  • Implementation of low-profile rock grade control structures that will stabilize the stream bed, introduce bed variability, and allow fish passage in a cost-effective manner
  • Use of bioengineering techniques to help protect erosive stream banks and improve habitat
  • Public-private partnerships with surrounding landowners to develop stormwater best management plans to control and reduce runoff, nutrients, and pollution.

With these measures, this project will provide increased stream stability to protect current infrastructure, improved water quality, and enhanced habitat.


  • Winter 2020: Final Design
  • Spring 2021: ROW Negotiations
  • Fall 2021 through Summer 2022: Construction

What to Expect

Check back in Fall 2021 for what to expect during construction.

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Chris Driscoll
Project Manager, City of Omaha
(402) 444-4966

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