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145th Street and Grover Street Sanitary Sewer Relocation - OPW 53880


The purpose of the 145th and Grover Sanitary Sewer Relocation project is to permanently relocate a sanitary sewer pipe that has been temporarily repaired and stabilized. The temporary repair is located in the creek bank just north of Grover Street and west of 145th Street. During heavy storm water runoff in March 2019, the creek bank eroded, which exposed and damaged a section of the sanitary sewer pipe. While evaluating the repairs to the sewer pipe, it was determined that re-routing the sewer outside of the creek bank channel would be the most reliable long-term solution due to steep creek bank slopes, limited access through private property, and a limited easement area.
The first phase of the project is the study phase, where alternatives for relocating the sanitary sewer main will be evaluated.

The following parameters will be reviewed:

  • Constructability of the sanitary sewer to include open cut and boring methods
  • Impacts to local traffic routing
  • Locations of existing utilities and their impacts to constructability
  • Analyze current and future flows for the area this sanitary sewer serves to determine capacity and size of sanitary sewer
  • Acquisitions of right-of-way and easements
  • Public-private partnerships with surrounding landowners to develop a plan to reduce interruptions to services
  • Televise existing sanitary sewer pipe and inspect manholes to determine current conditions.
  • Work with Private landowners to locate existing sewer service and develop and plan to reroute service as necessary.
  • Overall construction costs of each alternative

These measures will be evaluated to provide a reliable sanitary sewer alignment with the most effective
long-term solution.



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What to Expect

Check back in Fall 2022 for what to expect during construction.

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Tim Papstein
Project Manager, City of Omaha
(402) 444-5220